« Tuesday April 24, 2012 »
Start: 12:00 pm
End: 1:30 pm
Tickets for this luncheon are $25.99 +tax and include a signed copy of Under Oath, catered lunch with white wine or sparkling water, and Q&A/discussion time with Margaret McLean. Please call us at 860.536.3795 to RSVP for this luncheon event. The “code of silence” remains sacred in Charlestown, one of the most historic and insular neighborhoods of Boston. Gangster Billy Malone stands accused of killing Trevor Shea, a suspected informant, with a potent dose of heroin. Trevor, a talented artist, left behind a number of intriguing paintings with hidden clues that could help solve the case—but whether the clues will be accepted as evidence is another matter entirely. In the course of the trial, prosecutor Annie Fitzgerald must crack Charlestown’s infamous code of silence as well as battle seasoned criminal defense attorney Buddy Clancy, who creates doubt with his penetrating cross-examinations. The trial explodes into a high-energy race to justice when Annie’s chief witness is killed, jurors defy their instructions, and FBI cover-ups obscure the truth. Will justice prevail in the Commonwealth? Annie must stretch her abilities to the limit in order to ensure that it does. Margaret McLean’s firsthand experience and extensive knowledge of the legal system make her uniquely suited to continue the courtroom thriller in the steps of such greats as John Grisham and Boston’s own Robert B. Parker. A former prosecutor, trial attorney, and current professor of law at Boston College, McLean is uniquely qualified to write about Boston and its complicated courtroom traditions. UNDER OATH is an exciting and fascinating read that will keep the reader guessing, while showing the ins and outs of a complex trial as well as the problems and prejudices that exist in our legal system today.