Book List
Kobo Aura HD
Model: 681495005529
Kobo Aura HD is the only premium eReader, offering an unprecedented immersive reading experience for the book lover. Unlike other eReaders, Kobo Aura HD elevates the reading experience by combining the most advanced, highest resolution, extra-large screen with a book-inspired design that feels natural and comfortable to hold for a print on paper reading experience even in direct sunlight.

Kobo Glo
Model: 681495000142
Read comfortably day or night. Kobo Glo's revolutionary ComfortLight illuminates the screen with a soft, adjustable glow so you can read any eBook any time of day under the perfect light — no lamp required. Browse your library, look up words, and switch between screens quickly, easily, and intuitively with Kobo Glo’s highly responsive touchscreen. Make each eBook your own with in-text annotations, bookmarks, and notes. Reading something with a lot of pictures? Zoom in up to 200%, pan around images, or change page orientation all with your fingertips. Purchase a Kobo Glo from us and all of your ebook purchases through the device will credit our store. It's a convenient way to read ebooks and support Bank Square Books!

Kobo Mini
Model: 681495000470
The feature packed e-reader that fits in your pocket! Kobo Mini is the world’s smallest and lightest full-featured eReader, so it’s great for reading on the go. Complete with a no-glare natural E Ink touchscreen and built-in Wi Fi, it’s the full Kobo experience at a great value. It has a built-in dictionary, lets you highlight text, type notes, and share to Facebook and Twitter. Purchase a Kobo Mini from us and all of your ebook purchases through the device will credit our store. It's a convenient way to read ebooks and support Bank Square Books while e-reading!

Kobo Charger Kit
Model: 681495000180
Charge your Kobo Mini or Kobo Glo anywhere with this 4ft. Micro USB charging cable.  Input 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz. Output 5.0V 1.0A.

Black Kobo Sleepcover
Model: 681495000289
This book-style case instantly wakes up your Kobo eReader when opened and tucks it to sleep when closed for a natural e-reading experience.  Exclusive KoboFit locks your device in and you can secure your eReader with the elastic front closure.

Kobo Neoprene Case
Model: 681495000203
Designed with the signature Kobo soft quilted pattern, this ruby colored durable Neoprene Case is great protection for the Kobo Glo Reader.

Ruby Kobo Snapback
Model: 681495000678
This custom-fit design adds color to your Kobo mini and is comfortable to hold with Kobo's signature quilt back in a soft touch finish.  Additional colors are available from Kobo.

Black Soft Touch Cover
Model: 681495000821
Ultra-thin, lightweight, and durable protection for your Kobo Mini.  Easy access to all ports and buttons with its stylish signature Kobo quilt pattern.