Akbar (Puffin Lives): The Mighty Emperor (Paperback)

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Akbar (Puffin Lives): The Mighty Emperor (Paperback)


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The birth of a prince in medieval India was usually followed by grand celebrations. Camped out in the wilderness when the news of Akbar’s safe delivery reached him; Humayun could only enjoy a quiet moment of thanksgiving. He broke a musk pod and as the fragrance wafted all over the camp; the new father hoped his son’s fame would similarly spread across the world.

Akbar-emperor; warrior; statesman and thinker-is acknowledged as one of the most charismatic personalities in Indian history. Crowned the king of Hindustan at the age of thirteen; his empire went on to include the farthest corners of the country. Yet he was not just a conqueror. A humanist; his deep interest in literature; architecture; art and his inclusive vision of religions at a time when such thoughts were not in fashion; set him down as one of history’s most remarkable men.

In this story of his life; as exciting and thrilling as any adventure tale; the author describes Akbar’s rough; difficult childhood spent on the run; his consolidation of the empire through war and diplomacy; the myriad interesting and entertaining people who made up his court; the strong women of the Mughal household; and finally; the intriguing circumstances under which the crown passed on to his son; Jahangir. Accompanied by many vignettes of information about the Mughal empire and the world in the 16th century; this book is a fascinating introduction to the life and times of a ruler who still rules our imaginations.
Kavitha Mandana started her writing career in advertising. She began writing and illustrating for children after her daughter was born nineteen years ago. She has written extensively for the Deccan Herald`s children`s supplement and its school edition.

Her books for kids include 'Tenaliraman' and 'Akbar, the mighty emperor' published by Puffin; 'No 9 on the Shade Car' for young adults, from Rupa's Red Turtle and an early reader from Karadi Tales --'A Pair of Twins'. Her most recent book is for ages 10 and above. It's called 'Trapped', about siblings Anandita and Arjun, growing up with a secret ghost brother.

Her short stories have appeared in many anthologies -- 'Let's Play' and 'Funny Stories' from Puffin; in 'Whispers in the Classroom, Voices in the Field' from Wisdom Tree; in 'Monsters under my Bed and other stories' from Unisun Publications and in a number of text book readers.
Product Details ISBN: 9780143330837
ISBN-10: 0143330837
Publisher: India Puffin
Publication Date: January 1st, 2010
Pages: 128
Language: English