Please Pass the Guilt (Nero Wolfe #45) (Paperback)

Please Pass the Guilt (Nero Wolfe #45) By Rex Stout Cover Image

Please Pass the Guilt (Nero Wolfe #45) (Paperback)


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This is book number 45 in the Nero Wolfe series.

A brilliant Rex Stout murder mystery featuring Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin
A bomb explodes in the desk drawer of a top TV executive. Was it intended for him or the man who opened the drawer? They each had enemies enough to die a dozen times over. Was it the jealous wife or the ambitious partner? The secretary who got passed around like an inter-office memo? Or the man who couldn’t wash the blood off his hands? Nero Wolfe didn’t want any part of it—but he was up to his neck in the toughest case of his career!

“It is always a treat to read a Nero Wolfe mystery. The man has entered our folklore.”—The New York Times Book Review
Rex Stout (1886–1975) wrote dozens of short stories, novellas, and full-length mystery novels, most featuring his two indelible characters, the peerless detective Nero Wolfe and his handy sidekick, Archie Goodwin.
Product Details ISBN: 9780553763089
ISBN-10: 0553763083
Publisher: Bantam
Publication Date: January 2nd, 1995
Pages: 176
Language: English
Series: Nero Wolfe