Fibro & Me: Faith In The Midst of Pain (Paperback)

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This planner is uniquely designed to help you manage your Fibromyalgia where you are now and continues to assist in managing your Fibromyalgia where you're going. I'm excited to take this Fibro journey with you. In your Fibro & Me Planner you will find many exciting tools to help you along your journey. You'll receive scripture and affirmation each month. Knowing God's word and affirming what His word says concerning about us and our health is more important than the actual medications we take, if we believe. You'll receive a letter to YOU, Fibro Fighter Because that's what you are, a true fighter and don't you forget that. You'll also receive tips to help you dream and set goals. That's right dream about who God has said you are and set goals to reach the level He has set for you. Even in the midst of your pain. You'll also receive monthly Fibro Facts, Monthly Intentions and more. This planner is unique and designed just for you, Fibro Fighter. Let's continue to fight together, with the word of God.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780578852379
ISBN-10: 0578852373
Publisher: Tabatha Strother Ministries
Publication Date: February 5th, 2021
Pages: 68
Language: English