The Lost Ship (Paperback)

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The Lost Ship (Paperback)


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An ancient Gray race time travels to the present after a humiliating Cretaceous-era colonization failure, seeking to recover and detonate a world-killer superweapon abandoned on a 90-million-year-old shipwreck lost to time in what is now the Amazon's vast unexplored reaches.


Book Two in The Powers That Be Trilogy, THE LOST SHIP, immerses readers in the day-after chaos, carnage, and confusion following the near-apocalyptic ending of THE GOLDEN ELLIPSE.


An offer they can't refuse: Rachel and Owen Haig convalesce in a decimated Cairo hospital following their death-defying heroism beneath the Giza Plateau, contending with unwanted notoriety and a job proposal from The Powers That Be.

The fourth kind: A battlecruiser from the time-traveling Gray's fleet seizes Agent Flynn's lunar-bound medevac, imprisoning the crew in a mind-bending nightmare where startling revelations materialize from the terrifying shadows.

Never let a disaster go to waste: Griffin Pike, a megalomaniacal tech mogul, schemes to project international anger onto the only entity athwart his new world order master plan: The Powers That Be. Leaving nothing to chance, Pike's failsafe manifests in cryptic clues within the ink-splotched pages of a worn leather-bound notebook leading to a doomsday device concealed deep in the Amazon.

Lost worlds: Artemus Pennywell, the ageless CEO, parries post-invasion gut punches, overseeing PTB relief efforts alongside his quintessential replicant, Andrew. With Pike's cutthroat mercenaries-and the vengeful Grays-in hot pursuit of the lost ship, he dispatches eccentric scientist Richard King and new PTB agents Rachel and Owen on a perilous Amazon expedition to secure the prehistoric payload. Trekking through unexplored jungles teeming with exotic dangers, paths collide on a treacherous descent into a primeval rift valley safeguarded by a ghostly cannibal tribe.

THE LOST SHIP twists and turns through post-invasion ruins, culminating in a supernatural confrontation deep in the heart of the unforgiving Amazon wilderness where fates are sealed, and humanity's destiny illuminates in a cerulean glow.

Stay tuned for THE BLUE SPARK, the epic conclusion to The Powers That Be Trilogy.

Product Details ISBN: 9780996506793
ISBN-10: 0996506799
Publisher: Hopart Publishing
Publication Date: November 8th, 2022
Pages: 612
Language: English