Tales of Larkin: Fiery Trials (Paperback)

Tales of Larkin: Fiery Trials By Alan W. Harris Cover Image

Tales of Larkin: Fiery Trials (Paperback)


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In the last book in the Tales of Larkin series author Alan W. Harris revealed more of the exciting history of the one-inch tall woodland warriors known as the Larkin. Now with this newest book, Fiery Trials, Harris once again takes of the story of Hawthorn, Eldan, Rush, Tobin the Flyer and Red's Rowdies. Two years have passed since the end of book 3, The Great Gathering, and much has occurred that has made life difficult for the followers of the Maker's Son, King Jehesus. Since the Third Clan of Larkin has chosen to follow the King the Shaman who rule the clans have decided to isolate and if possible destroy Hawthorn's clan before their new found faith can reach the other Larkin. When an opportunity to accomplish this murderous plan presents itself, Hawthorn and the others find themselves facing the terrible reality of what being faithful to their King actually costs. Devastating disease, tragedy, and an unimaginable disaster of terrifying proportions must be faced if they are to have any hope of surviving. The Maker, whom they follow, has also made it clear that He wants them to love their enemies...but at what cost?

Like all of Harris' stories, Tales of Larkin: Fiery Trials is a page-turner from start to finish. As you have come to expect with each installment of the Larkin saga this book also is full of exciting adventure, delightfully fun characters, and life-changing truths. The Tales of Larkin were written to not only entertain with wholesome exhilarating adventures, but also to present principles of right living that bless the readers or listeners and encourage them to draw closer to the Maker and His Son. Gripping, heart-warming, hilarious and satisfying, Fiery Trials will be one of those extraordinary stories you will want to read again and again.

Product Details ISBN: 9780998667744
ISBN-10: 0998667749
Publisher: Fruitful Tree Publishing
Publication Date: December 7th, 2018
Pages: 344
Language: English
Series: Tales of Larkin