No White Foods Diet: A Beginner's Step by Step Guide with Recipes and a Meal Plan (Paperback)

No White Foods Diet: A Beginner's Step by Step Guide with Recipes and a Meal Plan By Bruce Ackerberg Cover Image

No White Foods Diet: A Beginner's Step by Step Guide with Recipes and a Meal Plan (Paperback)


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They say what's forbidden must taste good. While that may be true, what if it comes to the expense of sacrificing your health? If you're someone who can't help but reach out any bread or carbs on sight, this book teaches how to keep your eyes away from the bad guys of the diet industry.

Especially for bread and carbs enthusiasts, what this book is about to teach you might surprise you, for real...

Effortlessly lose weight by simply avoiding one food group

How to lose weight without feeling hungry all the time

How about losing weight without working out?

What makes diet so hard for some (hint: it's not food-related )

Finding the right attitude to dieting

This book is all about the No White Foods Diet Program and how it contributes to a successful weight loss. This type of diet encourages people to eat foods that contain fewer amounts of carbohydrates and glucose. Increased amounts of carbohydrates in the body can lead to excessive weight gain, diabetes, and different cardiovascular diseases.

Eliminating white foods from the usual diet can decrease the production of simple carbohydrates that can be detrimental to a person's overall health.

This book contains a list of white foods that should be avoided when undergoing a No White Foods Diet Program. This also contains the list of foods that can be eaten in a No White Foods Diet such as whole wheat, meat, and vegetable salads. The book also provides weekly meal plans and different recipes for you to follow during the diet program. These include the list of recommendations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes and menus. The ingredient measurements and amount of servings are also clearly elaborated on in this book.

This book is written to spread awareness about the bad effects of unhealthy eating habits on a person's overall well-being. This also stresses out the importance of self-discipline and will of a person to reduce weight. Without these two important traits, one can easily give up even he's already halfway through finishing the diet program. Reading this book can help a person stick to the program and innovate ways to make it more effective.

Table Of Contents


Chapter 1 - What is the No White Foods Diet

Chapter 2 - What are the Things to be Considered

Chapter 3 - The No White Foods Diet Food Guide

Chapter 4 - Making Smarter Choices - Week 1

Chapter 5 - The Reinforcement Period - Week 2

Chapter 6 - The Maintenance Period - Week 3


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Publication Date: November 3rd, 2020
Pages: 58
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