Pitch Dark: A Novel (Mike Bowditch Mysteries #15) (Hardcover)

Game Warden Mike Bowditch must chase down a cunning and dangerous fugitive in the North Maine Woods in this nail-biter of a thriller from Edgar Award-nominated author Paul Doiron, Pitch Dark.

Legendary bush pilot Josie Jonson can’t believe her luck when a skilled builder just happens to show up after she purchases land near Prentiss Pond. All Mark Redmond asks in return for building Josie’s dream cabin is that he be left alone to homeschool his 12-year-old daughter, Cady.

For Maine game warden investigator Mike Bowditch, the intensity of Redmond's secretiveness is troubling, especially in light of suspicious criminal activity being reported around the area―including rumors of an armed man offering large sums of money in exchange for the location of Redmond and Cady. Josie, though hesitant to violate the trust of her prized builder, eventually agrees to fly Mike and his father-in-law Charley Stevens to the secluded pond in an attempt to protect Redmond and Cady. But hours after landing, the trip takes a dark turn when they witness a horrific murder and are taken captive themselves.

Freeing himself, Mike is forced to set off through the impenetrable Maine forest towards Canada, alone and unarmed in pursuit of a mysterious fugitive. As he navigates a windblown landscape choked with deadfalls and blocked by swollen streams, he marvels at his enemy’s bush craft. The killer possesses skills surpassing his own, and Bowditch can't tell if he is the cat or the mouse in this dangerous game. Can Mike Bowditch stop his adversary in time to save the life of a young girl, or will he be forced to watch another innocent soul die?

A native of Maine, bestselling author PAUL DOIRON attended Yale University, where he graduated with a degree in English. The Poacher’s Son, the first book in the Mike Bowditch series, won the Barry award, the Strand award for best first novel, and has been nominated for the Edgar, Anthony, and Macavity awards in the same category. He is a Registered Maine Guide specializing in fly fishing and lives on a trout stream in coastal Maine with his wife, Kristen Lindquist.
Product Details ISBN: 9781250864420
ISBN-10: 1250864429
Publisher: Minotaur Books
Publication Date: June 25th, 2024
Pages: 304
Language: English
Series: Mike Bowditch Mysteries

Praise for Pitch Dark:

"A perfect beach read that will make you hug yourself in pleasure and excitement and search for a little more warmth." Kirkus Reviews, starred

“The resolution is absolutely stunning, and the narrative, as always, is compelling... Maine native Doiron is an outdoorsman, which adds a rare authenticity to the series.” Booklist, starred

"Tracking a villain through a wilderness is something of a staple for crime novelists... However, it would be difficult to find one more suspenseful or with more startling twists than “Pitch Dark.” As always, Doiron’s characters are well-drawn, and his cold, rain-drenched setting is so vividly portrayed that readers may find themselves shivering." —Bruce DeSilva, Associated Press

"Stirring… breathless action… Less surprising— but equally welcome—are Doiron’s always excellent characterizations and atmospheric descriptions of the rugged Northeastern setting. Series fans will love this.” —Publishers Weekly

"No list of Maine mysteries would be complete without Paul Doiron." —Bangor Daily News

"Evocative... Pitch Dark continues Doiron’s high standards of showcasing nature in contrast to the motives of people." South Florida Sun Sentinel

"Pitch Dark is a thriller with twists and turns the reader won’t anticipate. It’s always a pleasure to read about Mike Bowditch, and this book gives readers a deeper insight into what has made him the man he has become. This novel is an outstanding addition to the series." —Marilyn's Mystery Reads

"I inhaled the latest Mike Bowditch novel from Paul Doiron... tense and adrenalized from the start." Sam Sifton, New York Times Cooking Newsletter

Praise for Dead Man's Wake:

"Doiron creates an array of colorful, well-drawn characters, writes in vivid, graceful style, and accurately portray investigative procedures — this time including the handling of underwater crime scenes. He spins his tale with enough twists and turns to keep readers guessing until the end.” Associated Press

"[Doiron] uses his extensive knowledge of the state's natural wonders to create a strong sense of place in this fast-paced mystery." The Washington Post

“Doiron’s crisp first-person narrative is thoroughly absorbing and richly atmospheric. Readers will enjoy every pine needle–crunching step.” Booklist, starred