Win Lose Live And Sometimes Opinions (Paperback)

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There's more going on than a highly competitive nature infesting every part of our societal characterizations. We've entered into a gaming scenario--to win, out duel, and out wit--where saying more or getting in the last word is equated with the last one standing. The antagonistic game play--to fight just for the reward of the fight--may actually assist in the disappearance of human language for its animalistic formations. It also appears difficult to relegate opinions to a method of interpretation at the moment. The opinion no longer assists us in opening up truth, nor lighting up perspective, worldview, vision, angles, or nuances. Opinion is the object of our entanglements with one another.This antagonism--the corporeal standing of object that incites us--makes us indifferent by invariably substituting, commanding, and willing each other about. Opinion as command makes things difficult. The opinion is a repetitious production of values dispensed daily. Since opinion produces and reproduces our ordered values we begin to examine it in a unique sociological and philosophical way.

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ISBN: 9781393850090
ISBN-10: 139385009X
Publisher: James Greene
Publication Date: October 2nd, 2020
Pages: 82
Language: English