Audiology for the ENT Physician Assistant (Paperback)

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Audiology for the ENT Physician Assistant (Paperback)


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The primary purpose of the book is to provide a basic understanding of hearing disorders, characteristics of hearing loss, and audiometric configurations related to disorders. The audiometric data is only part of the whole evaluation; however, it assists the provider to select the subsequent appropriate test to obtain a diagnosis for the patient (i.e. MRI, CT, and labs). In some cases, the etiology may never be known. With accurate audiometric interpretation the provider can often quantify the extent of the ear problem. Remember that the most important data you have is a thorough patient history of the hearing loss.

About the Author

Dr. Robinson Cummings has worked as an Audiologist since 1985. He holds a Doctor of Audiology from the Arizona School of Health Sciences, a Master of Arts in Audiology from Western Michigan University, and a Bachelor of Science in Medicine from the University of Florida School of Medicine, where he also attended a Physician Assistant program. Born in Yuaco, Puerto Rico, into a military family, Dr. Cummings has excelled in his career as a healthcare provider, administrator, and patient advocate. He has two grown sons and lives in Texas.

Product Details ISBN: 9781480950962
ISBN-10: 1480950963
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Co.
Publication Date: October 3rd, 2018
Pages: 70
Language: English