Chronos One (Paperback)

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Chronos One (Paperback)


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What happens when time travelers go back too far?

Will Stark has achieved his destiny, a decorated career as an Air Force pilot and astronaut, the best way to honor his father's legacy as a SEAL-team commander, or so he thought. His true destiny-indeed, his very fate-lies with the secret discovery his father sacrificed his life for when Will was only twelve years old-a mysterious, ancient device with unlimited possibilities.

Teamed with fellow pilot, Major Katherine Dalton and a brilliant, quickwitted engineer, Will is about to command the most important mission of his life. In addition to testing the operations of a remarkable craft named Chronos in deep space, they must also explore the device's origins and learn whether their greatest hopes or worst fears could be true: that with the device they could travel across time, reach other galaxies, or obliterate humanity.

Their journey of discovery and adventure defies every expectation and leads Will on a quest to find his true destiny, yet it will take the love from an unlikely source and the realization of God's plan to enable him to achieve it, and the struggle could cost him everything, including those he loves most.

In Chronos One, the first novel in the epic Chronos trilogy, Dean Palmer masterfully weaves action, adventure, and theology into a brilliant story of beauty and danger, darkness and hope, despair and inspiration. The mission's stakes couldn't be higher. What if everything they have assumed about the world-about reality-is wrong? What happens when time travelers go back too far?

Product Details ISBN: 9781545638316
ISBN-10: 1545638314
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: July 13th, 2018
Pages: 276
Language: English