Inequality, Power, and Development: Issues in Political Sociology (Paperback)

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The growth of transnational corporations, the dominance of worldwide financial and political institutions, and the extensive influence of media that are nearly monopolized by corporate interests are key factors shaping our global society today. What are the consequences of these developments for the great masses of people throughout the world? One clearly emerging pattern is the growing disparity between the developed nations and the rest of the world.

In this excellent analysis of power distribution and its effects, sociologist Jerry Kloby presents data on the increase of wealth and income inequality, and argues that many of the policies pursued by the developed nations and international corporations have led to a deterioration of living standards and the environment in many parts of the world. He also discusses a power shift in the United States that has weakened the working class.

One of the great strengths of Kloby’s work is the comprehensive picture he creates from many diverse events and trends—local and international, contemporary and historical. The many graphs and tables containing supporting data add a visual element that guides the reader to a clear understanding of the complex forces underlying contemporary developments. He also clearly explains the meaning and relevance of such sophisticated but important terms as neoliberalism, dependency, civil society, and social capital.

This fully revised and updated edition will have enduring value for students and scholars of sociology, political science, economics, and international relations.

About the Author

Jerry Kloby (Upper Montclair, NJ) is the coordinator of the Institute for Community Studies at Montclair State University.

Praise For…

"Our greatest enemy in the United States today is ignorance and our weapon must be knowledge. will help break down this wall of ignorance."

—Fr. Roy Bourgeois, founder, School of the Americas Watch

" . . . shines a powerful light into the dark corners of corporate globalization and provides a beacon of hope for the many grass roots forces struggling to democratize the global economy and make a better world possible."
—Kevin Danaher, cofounder, Global Exchange

". . arguably the best and most up-to-date text in the field of political sociology available today. Its useful tables and illustrative inserts make this book ideal for undergraduate students."

—Martin Oppenheimer, Associate Professor of Sociology and Labor Studies, Rutgers University

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ISBN: 9781591021032
ISBN-10: 1591021030
Publisher: Humanity Books
Publication Date: December 1st, 2003
Pages: 330
Language: English