The Inheritors (Hardcover)

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The Inheritors (Hardcover)


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The time is fast approaching when we can create new creatures from scratch and even human beings, but one must always remember that even though science can create the body from the raw materials available, science cannot create that which makes one unique. It can't create a soul and create life from that which is not alive. Mankind can choose to serve, honor, and glorify God. But man is not and can never be God. What is our ultimate purpose in God's plan for the Earth? What will happen after the final battle of Armageddon is over? Has our role really been to prepare the way for those whom God has set aside to inherit the Earth after humanity's age has come to its end?

Product Details ISBN: 9781636924946
ISBN-10: 1636924948
Publisher: Newman Springs Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: February 26th, 2021
Pages: 110
Language: English