A Day of Infamy: The Decline of America (Paperback)

A Day of Infamy: The Decline of America By Dimitris Ballas Cover Image

A Day of Infamy: The Decline of America (Paperback)


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In the 1940s, two monsters in Europe caused the destruction of humanity. They were destroyed. At that time, another monster was born in America, destined to repeat the dead dream of White supremacism. Reared by a dictatorial father with a superiority complex, he ventured out to conquer the world. Financial success in real estate and phony idolization by the fake but powerful imagery of TV landed the ambitious stallion into entering the field of politics with no training at all into that territory. Being a master liar with a lot of narcissism, he managed to hoodwink the masses and also the spineless Republicans to accept him as their master and leader. The worthless politicians sold their soul to the master liar by sacrificing whatever they thought they had sacred. Values and morals were discarded, and lying became the new mantra.

Four years of relentless butchering of the truth and glorifying the lie by the master and his obedient slaves brought the country to its knees. Four years was enough for the country to endure.

Massive voting for democracy changed the course of history restoring democracy. White supremacy and systematic lying have come to an end. Truth is prevailing.

Product Details ISBN: 9781645847922
ISBN-10: 1645847926
Publisher: Page Publishing
Publication Date: October 22nd, 2021
Pages: 158
Language: English