All Across China (Hardcover)

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All Across China (Hardcover)


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As part of an exciting new children's geography series, ALL ACROSS CHINA, provides a tour of China's 34 provinces, municipalities, and other regions. As with FRIENDS AND MATES IN FIFTY STATES, ALL ACROSS CANADA, and ALL ACROSS EUROPE, Ellen Weisberg, Ph.D. and Ken Yoffe, M.D. once again provide an entertaining and educational way for the whole family to learn about one of the world's most important and interesting countries. Using the mnemonic devices of clever rhymes and naming characters after the provincial capitals, ALL ACROSS CHINA also includes endless fun facts and charming artwork to answer such questions as: --Where are the Terracotta Warriors? --What do they mean by Sichuan, Hunan, and Cantonese food? --Where can one see the Great Wall of China? --What do Xi, Dong, Bei, and Nan mean? -- China is the world's fourth largest country and, with over a billion people, has the largest population. It is full of breathtaking mountains and rivers, fascinating animals and crops, and many different cultures and languages. Join Cai, Na, Ning, Song, and dozens of their friends on a trip ALL ACROSS CHINA -- ALL ACROSS CHINA is a mnemonic-filled learning/teaching tool geared first and foremost toward helping children learn capitals and locations of Chinese provinces and territories in a fun and entertaining way. Additional facts are also provided to enrich the child's learning experience. -- 5 stars Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite: "All school and public libraries should have a copy of this book as it can be used as a reference guide too. These kinds of books will encourage young readers to explore new destinations and travel to various places. It also captures the diversity of the country." Selected testimonials I have to tell you - I LOVED that book I added it to the library, but it took everything in me I SO wanted to keep a copy for our daughters What a wonderful treasure - I plan to blog on it this week : ) Thank you SO much - I hate to even accept another copy but we would SO cherish that. -IA, USA library - Ellen -I love your book, which I received recently - thanks. I can now add my own personal review in my newsletter to our CHina families and will strongly recommend it. I can see it appealing to children of many ages, with its combination of fun pictures and interesting facts. -World Child China Program Specialist, IA - Hi Ellen, Thank you for the books. They are great. -MS, USA library Hello Ellen, Got the books yesterday, they are really neat and i am excited to be adding them to our collection. We greatly appreciate your generosity -PA, USA library Hi Ellen We just received the copy of All across China which you so kindly donated to our library, along with the second copy of All across Canada. Thank you so much for your generous donation. We love the way the information is presented and look forward to reading it through. -ON, Canada library Hi Ellen, Thank you for the books -they arrived in the post today. All across China is very informative and simply presented which will appeal to quite a large age range. The format in all the books is nice and easy for children and parents to use. Well done -WI, USA library Ellen, Thank you for the books you sent. It was interesting to read about our daughter's birth place, Kunming (Yunnan Province).We hope to visit the Stone Forest when we travel back there for a heritage tour. After thumbing through the "all Across Canada" book and finding a few interesting details that I didn't know, I plan on reading that one to my son and daughter too. Anyway, thanks again. -FCC member

Product Details ISBN: 9781646331734
ISBN-10: 1646331737
Publisher: Waldorf Publishing
Publication Date: October 22nd, 2019
Pages: 88
Language: English