Our Blue Earth: Poems (Paperback)

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Our Blue Earth: Poems (Paperback)


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Our Blue Earth explores the melancholy dark side as well as the natural beauties of rural life as seen through the eyes of the author as a young man growing up in Blue Earth, Minnesota.

When it rains hard,
I think of the small ring
I keep in a hollow book—
my grandmother
and her small hands.
She touches my cheek,
smiles.  I tell her my name again
and for a little while sit with her,
sharing the warmth of her shawl.
Then as the rain slows,
I find myself alone again, and young,
and I promise to be good.
RICHARD CARR's writing has appeared in Poetry East, Exquisite Corpse, New Letters, Painted Bride Quarterly and elsewhere.  His poetry collections are Grave Reading, Lucifer, Dead Wendy, Imperfect Prayers, One Sleeve, Ace, Street Portraits, Honey, and Mister Martini. A former systems analyst, web designer, and tavern manager, he grew up in Blue Earth, Minnesota, and currently teaches in Minneapolis.
Product Details ISBN: 9781680031416
ISBN-10: 1680031414
Publisher: Texas Review Press
Publication Date: January 2nd, 2018
Pages: 48
Language: English
“Years ago, moving from California to Wisconsin, I saw a highway sign for Blue Earth, and in that instant knew that town’s evocative name was the title of my next book. Life in the town itself was a mystery. Now I read Richard Carr’s mysterious and musical poetry that records the voices of residents of Our Blue Earth, where he grew up. He invites us to dwell on the farm, to hunt the deep woods, to be in bed in the house great-grandfather built and be a dreaming boy who is ‘the storm approaching.’ The man, whose mother ‘didn’t want to raise a country boy’ and drives him 100 miles each way to see the Messiah, will not stay on the farm to harvest with his hands, but Carr’s harvest is his poetry, Our Blue Earth’s family memory, grit and hard work, ghosts, dream, deer who speak from snow and corn stubble, a cornucopia for our souls.”
—Aliki Barnstone

“The poems in Richard Carr’s powerfully engaging Our Blue Earth rise from the often troubled and troubling shadows of a childhood and youth spent on a family farm. Here is a landscape of conflicted reminiscence, of toil and mud, where storms meddle in human affairs and ‘night hauls its groggy paunch across the plains.’ Here too are portraits of a distant mother parceling out morsels of maternal care and a father in whose voice his son can hear ‘the god of winds and storm’—a god who nonetheless will ‘let the barn fall down / and disappear.’ But Carr’s project in Our Blue Earth is ultimately that of retrieval, both of the light and the dark, at which he succeeds admirably in these poems of lyric grace and subtle rhyme.”
—Richard Foerster