Abe and the Wee Folk (Paperback)

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Abe and the Wee Folk (Paperback)


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Abe is an extremely precocious child who has been reincarnated from many past lives as a Tibetan Buddhist Master. His mission is to introduce nature spirits - including fairies, gnomes, and fauns - to humanity.

To gain credibility, Abe must get highly educated very quickly in mathematics and ecology. He is aided in his quest by many beings in the physical plane and elsewhere.

Will he succeed and change minds?

This Eastern metaphysical story involving nature spirits opens new worlds of possibilities.

Notes the author, "I have tried to present the reality of the nature spirits that coexist with us and everything we do. It is these beings to which we are indebted for the sustaining management of this world. This includes directed growth of plants, animals, and even all matter that surrounds us."

Author Bio: James S. Reiley has degrees in mathematics, computer science, and medicine, and has spent the last 40-odd years studying spirituality from a variety of different perspectives. Dr. Reiley is a retired physician, part-time writer, and small farmer in Shady Valley, Tennessee.

Product Details ISBN: 9781682356739
ISBN-10: 1682356736
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
Publication Date: July 11th, 2022
Pages: 588
Language: English