Star Child: Joyful Parenting Through Astrology (Paperback)

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Star Child: Joyful Parenting Through Astrology (Paperback)


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Help your child make the most of their unique gifts, challenges, and potentials with a guide to parenting by the stars.

What stories do the stars tell about our children? Every person alive is born under a particular snapshot of the celestial relationships occurring at the time of their birth. This picture—known as a natal chart—offers a powerful tool for insight into your children's strengths, struggles, hopes, and dreams.

In Star Child, Briana Saussy presents the first comprehensive guide for using Astrology to better understand your children—and becoming more joyful and effective parents as a result.

A renowned astrologer and teacher, and a mother of two herself, Saussy brings substantial expertise, humor, and wisdom to this engaging guide. Highlights include:

• An excellent overview of astrology basics—easily understand houses, planets, and other important elements
• Simple-to-follow instructions for reading a natal chart, so you can go beyond sun signs into deeper understanding of your child’s unique traits
• Explore the characteristics of each sign—plus gain specific insights on friendship and play, academics, health, creativity, discipline, how best to connect, and more
• What to actually do with all this information—Picky eater? Stubborn? Take a look at your child’s second house for clues …
• Masterfully told fairy tales, legends, and myths from cultures around the world, providing archetypal maps for the signs of the zodiac
• Engaging rituals and activities for connecting with your children, as well as inner-child rituals for adults
• Connect with the cosmos to create more knowledgeable, joyful, and nurturing relationships with your children

Far from putting kids into boxes based on their signs, Star Child instead invites us to recognize where the zodiac’s archetypes live within each of us, honor these differences, and joyfully raise our children by the stars.

Briana Saussy is a writer, teacher, spiritual counselor, and ritualist dedicated to the restoration and remembering of the sacred arts. She combines a practical and creative approach to spirituality that includes the riches of the perennial world religions, the contributions of modern psychology to the search for meaning, and the often overlooked bodies of wisdom contained in folk magic, divination, and storytelling practices. Briana studied Eastern and Western classics, philosophy, mathematics, and science at St. John’s College (Annapolis and Santa Fe), and is a student of ancient Greek and Sanskrit.

Briana comes from a diverse lineage of South Texans whose ethnic heritage includes Scotch-Irish, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Mexican, and Jewish roots, and who have informed her own direct experience with survivals of fragmented folk magic and storytelling traditions. She lives in her hometown of San Antonio, Texas, with her husband and two sons, as well as various furred, finned, and feathered friends. For more, visit

Product Details ISBN: 9781683646754
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Publisher: Sounds True
Publication Date: July 20th, 2021
Pages: 304
Language: English

“I’m sure many parents would agree: raising kids can be challenging. Although we can figure it out as we go along, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a manual for each child, one that gave insights into what they needed to thrive? Briana Saussy delivers the perfect parenting road map with Star Child, a beautiful guide into using astrology for raising healthy, happy children. Saussy breaks the astrological chart down to the most important parts every parent needs to know. Learn the basics of natal chart interpretation and specific guidelines for each zodiac sign, along with stories, activities, and so much more. If you’ve ever struggled to figure out what’s up with your kid, Star Child will show you the way.” —Theresa Reed, author of Tarot: No Questions Asked

“This is THE parenting book to read before all others! Star Child is a gorgeous invitation—a practical, nourishing, and magical exploration of the astrological maps of our children. Saussy offers potent and beautiful rituals, stories, and activities to help us parent our children with a deeper knowledge of their unique astrological makeup. This is a book to revisit again and again.” —Heidi Rose Robbins, astrologer, author

“Briana Saussy is a truly magical starryteller who weaves astrology, fairy tales, myths, and activities into this absolute gem of a book. Like me, Saussy is passionate about helping people tune in to and embody the cosmic energies, and she does so in a masterful way that will help parents understand their children’s needs and help children understand themselves. As a parent of two magical adult daughters, I wish I’d had this to read to them while young. However, the most beautiful thing about this book is that, while it may be aimed at understanding children, adults will also learn about the magic in themselves. Bravo!” —Louise Edington, author of The Complete Guide to Astrology and Modern Astrology

“Briana’s work in the field of sorcery is absolutely unique. It is practical, wholesome, and enriching, and her deft and elegant ability to weave folktales, myths, and stories into her craft is exquisite. Star Child is an incredible next step in the expansion of her lyrical and lovely praxis, and it is an absolute must for every parent, caregiver, or anyone else who has small humans in their lives. This book is a treasure.” —Elizabeth Barrial, proprietor of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Star Child is the rare parenting book that transcends the genre to connect to the inner child within all of us. Briana Saussy provides clear, heartfelt teachings on how astrology works, while leaving the door open for magic and deep soul healing by way of folktales, rituals, and the reminder that you’re beautiful just the way you were born.” —Amelia Quint, astrologer

“In Star Child, Briana Saussy roots you in ‘the soil of wonder, imagination, and practical application’ of modern astrology, not only as a parent but as a person. She masterfully brings the stars down to Earth, unlocking astrology’s tools for self-discovery, then widening the lens to the life experiences of our littles. The potent rituals she’s designed at the end of each chapter allow celestial wisdom to be embodied as you help your child(ren) discover their place in the universe. Regardless of your current level of star knowledge, Star Child will prove to be a stalwart companion as you navigate the precious childhood years.” —Jenn Zahrt, PhD, senior editor of The Mountain Astrologer magazine