Growing the Whole Way (Paperback)

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Underneath all the stresses of modern life we suppress a vast wealth of direction and potential that is waiting to be untangled. Science is tapping into it, spiritual leaders are talking about it and the arts are expressing it. As a nation we are more tired, overworked and sicker than ever before. We know our negative patterns and what holds us back, yet we still struggle in breaking that cycle. This is where Growing The Whole Way can help. It's my unique action focused program designed to help you utilize all that your mind, body and spirit have to offer.

You will learn how to learn from your past and listen to what naturally makes the most sense for you now.

You will learn how to align your thoughts and feelings with meaningful action to set in motion what you really want.

You will also learn how to help your mind, body and sense of meaning work together so you can access more of your own wisdom and develop more creative problem solving options.

Approaching life in a holistic way can make the change you want come faster and easier. I know this because I lived it. In addition to my professional education and training I also had to push through my own personal changes. For me it was a trial and error process that was at times very difficult.

Through my mistakes I learned not to fight the natural rhythm of my own growth. I learned how to see what I most need and want. I learned that my past has all the wisdom necessary to make a good decision in the present. I learned that a plan isn't a solid one if it doesn't include all parts of me. If my mind didn't work with my body and didn't honor what I considered meaningful I was lost. Every good plan needs a solid foundation. Growing The Whole Way is that foundation.

Don't waste any more energy moving in the wrong direction. It's time to wake up to something new. It's time to power up from the inside. It's time to grow.

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ISBN: 9781732838703
ISBN-10: 1732838704
Publisher: Lauri Maynard
Publication Date: September 23rd, 2018
Pages: 154
Language: English