My Beautiful Detour: An Unthinkable Journey from Gutless to Grateful (Paperback)

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What happens when an ordinary teenager has to turn into a warrior to survive? Amy Oestreicher had ambitious plans for college and a Broadway career, until her stomach exploded the week before her senior prom. Months later, she awoke from a coma to learn that she might never be able to eat or drink again. After years on IV nutrition, her first bite of food awakened her senses to life's ordinary miracles but also brought back memories of sexual abuse by a trusted mentor. With determination, imagination, relentless resilience, and an inner "hunger" for life, Amy created a roadmap where none existed. Her journey through life's unthinkable detours is nothing short of miraculous, but the creative path to healing she forged is accessible to anyone.

As a survivor--and 'thriver'--of abuse and extensive medical trauma, Amy discovered sources of resilience she didn't know she had but it turns out we all possess. In this book, she shares the story of her beautiful detour, empowering others to find gratitude in every setback and discover their own infinite inner strength. Amy's journey is ultimately a celebration of ordinary and extraordinary challenges and miracles.

  • What is a "detourist"- and why is it important to take those detours?
  • The importance of detours for college students
  • How to transition from being a "survivor" to a "thriver" - your first three steps.
  • The four hardcore skills to resilience
  • Finding your own unique path to recovery: the first three things you must do
  • How to find our uniqueness: it's not what's happened to you, but what you choose to do with it
  • The power of art to heal: five ways to incorporate art in your healing process
  • Our innate ability to be artists, and why creativity is an essential mindset
  • Why sharing your story is imperative to healing, and how you can use creativity to reframe your narrative
  • Humor as a way through
  • Turn messes, mistakes and setbacks into beautiful artistic detours
  • How NOT to be daunted by a blank canvas, page or Square One
  • Storytelling through the arts can reframe the narrative of an individual
  • Transform passion into business: how to turn creativity into a livelihood
  • How to take your own hero's journey through obstacles

Product Details
ISBN: 9781733138802
ISBN-10: 1733138803
Publisher: Amy Oestreicher
Publication Date: June 21st, 2019
Pages: 548
Language: English