Untamed Equality (Paperback)

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In his debut book, Todd A. Weiler brings a colorful lifetime of experiences to the policy challenges faced in a new age of equality and its effect on the safety and security of the nation.

Untamed Equality seeks to define the elements that move us beyond the norm and into a society and world that seeks, celebrates and leverages inclusion. No longer are sit-ins and silent protests acceptable to make the kinds of change that are necessary. This level of true equality seeks not only to heal from the past and hold those responsible for their acts against equality; it promotes a future where the realization of inclusion and equality drives safety and security.

Told from the perspective of a national security background, Untamed Equality seeks to address and provide solutions for the inequalities that we see every day but may look past. It elevates people that are often drowned-out by the noise of the most organized, and it finds common ground between unlikely partners. Weiler brings a new approach to solving some of the most important equality and inclusion issues facing our country and the safety and security of our people.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781735579702
ISBN-10: 173557970X
Publisher: Todd A. Weiler
Publication Date: September 15th, 2020
Pages: 210
Language: English