An American Divorce: A Profound Protest Against The Politics Of Guilt And Fascism (Hardcover)

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Is the United States facing a societal "divorce"?

Roughly two thirds of Americans believe another civil war could occur in today's political climate. And it is easy to understand why. Escalating racial tensions. Three impeachments in the last four presidencies. A partisan divide perhaps greater than that of the 1860s.

With perhaps impeccable timing, this Wall Street Journal best-selling author contemplates an exit strategy for what has become a broken democracy. From the benign to the revolutionary, this provocative book moves beyond the question of "why" to the more important question of "how" the United States can move beyond the political and cultural dysfunction that has divided the country to the point of democratic paralysis.

Is America inherently racist? Or has academia been complicit in brainwashing millions of Americans into believing the United States should only be judged from the context of guilt and privilege?

Is human nature destined for widespread equality and universal outcomes? Or is much of today's "Democrat Socialist" platform derived from a faulty interpretation of who we are as human beings?

Arguing the emergence of political actors like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders is no democratic accident, this anonymous author contemplates the pros and cons of taking America to the brink to defeat a stealth cancer that hides behind the slogans of social justice, tolerance, and equity.

Borrowing from leftist radicals like Alinsky and Marx, this book provides a mass-movement roadmap to those Black, Brown, and White Americans who desperately hope to move beyond the false allure of identity politics and cancel culture.

From contemplating whether a new Republican Party can break today's political openly discussing the radical idea of a geographical breakup of the United States of America, An American Divorce seeks to chart a new course for a country in great peril.

In what could further be described as the ultimate game of revolutionary poker, the author boldly goes beyond the sweeping arc of political correctness to tackle questions that will never be debated in academia or the mainstream media:

-Can a revitalized pro-worker, pro-business, pro-America, and anti-swamp Republican Party have the power to break the partisan gridlock in Washington D.C.?

-Should an ex-president Donald Trump consider what no previous president has ever considered; that is, dare to break up the Union; in order to save it?

-Should both Republicans and Democrats demand a constitutional convention that outlines the pros and cons of a Brexit-like, geographical breakup--to 330 million Americans?

-Or will both sides continue traveling down an "ugly" divorce path that could ultimately be decided by an undemocratic set of circumstances?

Republicans may be surprised-but the author doesn't want to destroy everyday Democrats. Nor is this book based on the ignorant and primitive idea of dividing the United States by race. Rather, An American Divorce targets the Marxist thought police--social science academics and radical leftist agitators who use the vehicle of social justice to pursue an intellectual fantasyland that will never exist.

Released as the nation is reeling from a global pandemic, a weak US presidency, economic uncertainty, and racial and civil unrest, this book is a must-read for those Americans who hope to move beyond the hate, division, and dysfunction that we today call the United States of America.

Controversial, provocative, and revolutionary, An American Divorce is urgent reading for our troubled times.

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ISBN: 9781737059912
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Publication Date: April 11th, 2021
Pages: 210
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