A Different Life: A Martiniere Multiverse Novel (Paperback)

A Different Life: A Martiniere Multiverse Novel By Joyce Reynolds-Ward Cover Image

A Different Life: A Martiniere Multiverse Novel (Paperback)


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After Linda Coates gets a job offer from friend Ruby Barkley Martiniere, she sees a means to escape the growing issues created by her ambitious brother-in-law Clyde Newsome, who seemingly wants to control every aspect of Linda's life.

Ruby's offer means Linda gets the chance to work closely with her friend in developing high-end agricultural robotics and manage the Martiniere Group's high-end labs around the world.

What Linda didn't expect was Armand Martiniere-her counterpart who works for Ruby's husband Gabriel. Or what Armand comes to mean to her. Or the degree to which her brother-in-law Clyde wants to pursue her as part of his political ambitions. Linda needs to find a way to protect her family and remain safe...hopefully, with Armand. Can she make it happen-either alone, or with the help of the Martinieres?

Product Details ISBN: 9781737377849
ISBN-10: 1737377845
Publisher: Joyce Reynolds-Ward
Publication Date: February 7th, 2023
Pages: 252
Language: English