Where There's Murder, There's Mystery: A Suspense Thriller Anthology (Paperback)

Where There's Murder, There's Mystery: A Suspense Thriller Anthology Cover Image
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5 Unforgettable stories just for you MODUS OPERANDIBy Marsha BlackDetective Bianca Wilson follows the case of the 'Beauty' serial killer.The only M.O by the culprit is the word 'Beauty' carved into their skin.For years the killer has avoided capture and shows no prejudice in his kills.Can Detective Wilson solve the case, or will these cases remain unsolved?But the real question is...Who is this crazy psycho and what is the connection between all of the victims? LIES AREN'T FOREVERBy Linda BursonBetsy Stewart knows her husband, Russell, better than anyone, or so she thinks.Join beautiful, smart, sassy private investigator Cammy Clemons from Murder Among Friends, on a mysterious jaunt to the past in the suspenseful Novella, Lies Aren't Forever.HAUNTING MEMORIESBy Hunter MarshallDetective Axel Porter balked at going home, but justice needed to be served. Social Worker Blaire Rowan wasn't all that thrilled to be working with Axel, but solving a fifteen-year-old murder took precedence. Will they find the killer, and maybe, love too?ABSENT ABERRATIONBy Jessica OzmentMaranda Moore has set out to investigate her twin brother Aaron's disappearance in rural Girdwood, Alaska; a city well-known for its lengthy list of reported cases of missing persons. After visiting the famed Alyeska Resort in town, Maranda snoops through her sibling's cryptic paperwork to find his chaotic journalistic career had dropped him in the middle of an odd case involving a missing family of three. As bizarre obstacles block her from seeking out a trace of her brother, Maranda finds herself referring to his eerie notes left behind in a black box labeled: To Anyone who will listen. Detailed notes that point to unspeakable answers concerning the missing people in not only the town of Girdwood but the entire world. DEADLY DELIVERYBy Steve WilhelmChris is a package carrier in Seattle. His jobs have been normal, boring and predictable. Until now. His latest job is far from normal. His life will never be the same.That is if he survives.

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ISBN: 9781790122974
ISBN-10: 179012297X
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 20th, 2018
Pages: 342
Language: English