Philosophy of Care (Hardcover)

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Retracing the philosophical discussions around care

Our current culture is dominated by the ideology of creativity. One is supposed to create the new and not to care about the things as they are. This ideology legitimises the domination of the “creative class” over the rest of the population that is predominantly occupied by forms of care – medical care, child care, agriculture, industrial maintenance and so on. We have a responsibility to care for our own bodies, but here again our culture tends to thematize the bodies of desire and to ignore the bodies of care – ill bodies in need of self-care and social care.

But the discussion of care has a long philosophical tradition. The book retraces some episodes of this tradition - beginning with Plato and ending with Alexander Bogdanov through Hegel, Heidegger, Bataille and many others. The central question discussed  is: who should be the subject of care? Should I care for myself or trust the others, the system, the institutions? Here, the concept of the self-care becomes a revolutionary principle that confronts the individual with the dominating mechanisms of control.

About the Author

Boris Groys (born 1947) is Professor of the Faculty of Art and Sciences, New York University, and Professor of Philosophy and Art History, European Graduate Center, Saas Fee, Switzerland. He is the author of the books: Art Power. MIT Press. Cambridge Ma. 2008; An Introduction to Antiphilosophy, Verso, 2012; Under Suspicion. A Phenomenology of Media. Columbia University Press 2012; On the New, Verso, 2014; In the Flow. Verso, London 2016; Particular Cases, Sternberg Press, Berlin.

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ISBN: 9781839764929
ISBN-10: 1839764929
Publisher: Verso
Publication Date: February 15th, 2022
Pages: 144
Language: English