AYURVEDA and DASH Diet Cookbook 2 in 1 Bundle (Paperback)

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ou Are 1-Click Away From Having Insider Knowledge Of The Oldest Healing System In The World, Including How To Use It To Optimize Your Health With Ayurvedic Cooking and DASH DIET

Ayurveda is touted as the world's oldest healing system, which has been existence for over 5000 years. Truly, for such a system to still be relevant in today's world, something must be great about it.

Are you wondering....

Is it worth all the hype?

What does it entail?

Whether you adopt the healing system to test it for yourself to know whether it works or not and if so, how exactly do you go adopting it in your life?

If you have these and other questions, keep reading...

This book seeks to uncover the ins and outs of this ancient healing system, which was once only available in the Indian subcontinent, but has found its way into all corners of the world thanks to its effectiveness treating and preventing various diseases naturally without using modern-day medication.

The book goes wide and deep, answering more questions that you possibly may have about the topic to ensure by the end, you have more than average knowledge of Ayurveda and can start applying it in your everyday life from a point of knowledge to benefit from this science of life.

Here is a summary of what you will learn in this book:
  • The basics of Ayurveda, including what it is, what it entails, how it has evolved over the 5000+ years that it has existed, its principles and more
  • The ins and outs of identifying your dosha, including how your dosha affects various facets of your life including digestion, dreams,
  • The spiritual rituals that are involved in Ayurveda practice and how they relate to holistic health
  • The place of yoga and tantra in bringing about the needed balance and health for your doshas
  • How to practice the principles of Ayurveda in your cooking through effective ayurvedic cooking techniques that bring about optimal health and wellbeing
  • The secret potent foods you need to include in your cooking to bring balance and healing to your doshas
  • Potent medicinal herbs, spices and other remedies that will help you cure and prevent diseases naturally while balancing and healing your doshas
  • How to combine different foods in your ayurvedic cooking for optimal holistic health of your doshas
  • 120 delicious Ayurvedic recipes that will help balance and heal your unique dosha
  • And much more
  • Everything you need to know about this diet and its many benefits
  • How the DASH diet is not just a diet but a real lifestyle
  • Healthy and tasty recipes for lunch that will give you the right boost all day long
  • Simple and light recipes designed for dinner that will allow you to sleep with a smile.
  • Are you a vegetarian? No problem Dozens of recipes dedicated to vegetable lovers
  • A 28-days meal plan tailored to make the DASH diet a simple and fun habit free of headaches
  • And much, much more

Even if this is your first encounter with the concept of Ayurveda and DASH DIET, you will find this book easy to follow, as it breaks down seemingly complex Ayurvedic concepts using dummy easy, straightforward language to help you start applying what you learn right away

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ISBN: 9781914146626
ISBN-10: 191414662X
Publisher: Sannainvest Ltd
Publication Date: January 13th, 2021
Pages: 438
Language: English