The Correspondence of Fradique Mendes, 6 (Adamastor) (Paperback)

The Correspondence of Fradique Mendes, 6 (Adamastor) Cover Image
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The Correspondence of Fradique Mendes--ostensibly letters, with an arch introduction--actually ranges widely and revels in many forms of discourse. In this singular work, originally published in 1900, one finds meditations, dialogues, observations, grand shifts in tone, occulted ironies, pastiches, lampoons, and an underlying hilarity throughout. Readers will be reminded of Ishmael's lofty digressions, of Ivan Karamazov's dialogues with his imaginary devil, of Flaubert's stylistic virtuosity, of Gogol's quiet comedy--and more. Fradique, at one point, disingenuously tells us he will never write a book because no language is capable of representing the real significance of anything. But Fradique's letters go on to offer us nearly everything, and they presciently anticipate much of what is rightly celebrated in the best of postmodern writing. This magnificent novel now appears in a beautiful and deft translation that will entertain and delight with wit, intelligence and many surprises.

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ISBN: 9781933227320
ISBN-10: 193322732X
Publisher: Tagus Press
Publication Date: November 8th, 2011
Pages: 152
Language: English
Series: Adamastor