UFO Secrets Inside Wright-Patterson: Eyewitness Accounts from the Real Area 51 (Paperback)

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“Carey and Schmitt show that good, old-fashioned investigative reporting is still alive and well.” —Cheryll Jones, former anchor, CNN News

The true nature of what actually crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947 remains classified. Only a select few have ever had access to the truth about what became known as Area 51.

But what happened to the remnants of that crash is shrouded in even greater mystery. What began in the high desert of New Mexico ended at Wright-Patterson, an ultra-top-secret Air Force base in Dayton, Ohio. The physical evidence of extraterrestrial visitation was buried deep within this nuclear stronghold. How tragic that such seismic news should be kept from the people of the world . . . pieces of history, now quickly dwindling into oblivion as the last of the secret-keepers passes on.

In addition to its rich history of military service to our nation, Wright-Patterson also stands as the secret tomb of one of the greatest occurrences in recorded history. Be prepared . . . the real Area 51—Wright-Patterson‘s vault—is about to be opened.

UFO Secrets Inside Wright-Patterson is a thoroughly researched work that includes:

  • New eyewitness accounts from the late Leonard Stringfield's files about the crash retrieval evidence stored at Wright-Patterson
  • New testimonies from the late Emmy-award-winning TV reporter Carl Day concerning physical evidence of crashed UFOs stored in underground facilities at Wright-Patterson
  • Newly discovered Project Blue Book files from Wright-Patterson including photos and Air Force investigations of UFOs.

About the Author

Thomas J. Carey has devoted significant portions of the last 16 years to proactively investigating the Roswell Incident, and has authored or coauthored more than 30 published articles on the subject. Carey has appeared on Larry King Live, Coast to-Coast AM with George Noory, and numerous other programs. He lives in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. Both authors were consultants for the Sci-Fi Channel--s documentary, The Roswell Crash.

Donald R. Schmitt is coauthor of two best-selling books on Roswell, one of which became the TV movie Roswell. He has appeared frequently on many TV programs including Oprah, CBS 48 Hours, and the Today Show as well as many radio shows. He resides in Hubertus, Wisconsin.

Stanton T. Friedman is a nuclear physicist who worked on a wide variety of advanced, classified nuclear systems for major industrial companies. He began the civilian investigation of the Roswell Incident; wrote Flying Saucers and Science and TOP SECRET/MAJIC; and coauthored Crash at Corona, Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience, and Science Was Wrong. He has appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs. Friedman resides in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Praise For…

"Through their tenacious efforts to document mysterious events surrounding Roswell, Hangar 18, and alien beings as reported to them by top military officials, Carey and Schmitt show that good, old-fashioned investigative reporting is still alive and well." —Cheryll Jones, former anchor, CNN News
— Cheryll Jones

"Never again should it be said that we simply don't have evidence of extraterrestrial visitation. If the eyewitness testimony of dozens of honorable, distinguished, and heroic military men and women is to account for anything…then we should listen to what they've been telling us about Wright-Patterson AFB. Schmitt and Carey take us on a riveting journey inside underground hangars and down secret tunnels to the testing labs and storage facilities of quite possibly the world's most historically important air base. My own grandfather's unusual employment at the base is interwoven with the secrets guarded within its gates. It was because of his experiences on special assignments at the facility that he was compelled to tell his family from his deathbed, 'We are not alone.'" —Ben Hansen, lead host of SyFy Channel's Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files
— Ben Hansen

"Don Schmitt and Tom Carey know the truth about UFOs. Someone from someplace that isn't here has been flying around in our skies using technology that we don't have to execute aerial maneuvers that we can't match. The question now is, what are we going to do about it? The answer is that men like Schmitt and Carey—who hate being lied to—are going to present us with the facts, and if we're as courageous as they are, we are not going to take it much longer." —Bryce Zabel, creator, producer, and director of Dark Skies, and coauthor of A.D. After Disclosure
— Bryce Zabel

“Tom Carey and Don Schmitt have taken the investigation of Roswell from New Mexico to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, adding valuable and documented evidence about what is now the history of the UFO field. Their important research will significantly aid in uncovering what is becoming the greatest mystery of our time.” —Kevin D. Randle, Lt. Col. USAR (Ret.), author of Crash: When UFOs Fall from the Sky
— Kevin D. Randle, Lt. Col. USAR (Ret.),

“Tom Carey and Don Schmitt have once again dug deeply to uncover credible witness testimony, documentation, and other evidence that our military recovered ET technology many decades ago. Their latest work is highly suggestive that Wright-Patterson’s role in the exploitation of that discovery was—and may still be—substantial.” —Anthony Bragalia, author and UFO researcher
— Anthony Bragalia

“What if the truth we seek from UFO disclosure has been hidden in plain sight? Alien bodies and technology were recovered more than once by our military. Who orchestrated the cover-up and where would that invaluable wreckage be held? Two of the most dedicated investigators in the field, Don Schmitt and Tom Carey, have turned from the Roswell, N.M. UFO Crash of 1947 to where the Air Force policies of cover-up and secrecy were first implemented—Wright-Patterson AFB. There are more reasons for high security than classified airplanes. If you want to know why the disclosure of UFO secrets has not occurred in the USA, this is a must-read.” —James E. Clarkson, Washington State Director of the Mutual UFO Network
— James E. Clarkson

“In their previous book, Witness To Roswell: Unmasking the Government’s Biggest Cover-Up, researchers Tom Carey and Don Schmitt presented riveting, ground-breaking information that provided new insight into the case. Their cautious, well-documented approach to the subject of crashed UFOs steers the proper course between debunkery and blind acceptance. Inside the Real Area 51 will undoubtedly enhance their well-deserved reputations as credible sources of information on the topic.” —Robert Hastings, author of UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites
— Robert Hastings

“Where others rely on a reanalysis of secondary data, Carey and Schmitt demonstrate their ability to keenly analyze and critically evaluate the reliability of new primary data, as well as to identify, bring forward, and objectively interview new firsthand witnesses. As a result they are able to publish not only the most interesting, but also what will prove to be among the most historically valuable and accurate information available.” —Joseph G. Buchman, PhD, moderator for the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure
— Joseph G. Buchman, PhD

"There is no one on this planet who knows more about the Roswell Incident than these two guys." —Larry Landsman, director of special project, Sci Fi Channel and Creative Executive of The Roswell Crash
— Larry Landsman

"I am glad to see younger researchers such as Don and Tom follow the long, difficult road to the truth." —Stanton T. Friedman, author of Flying Saucers and Science and Captured
— Stanton T. Friedman

"The UFO quandary is misunderstood, misreported, and routinely distorted. We should all be truly grateful that we have men like Schmitt and Carey who have the persistence and fortitude to expose the truth to a world that is largely asleep at the wheel." —Tracy Torme, screenplay writer of Fire in the Sky and writer for Star Trek: The Next Generation
— Tracy Torme

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