Why Me? (Paperback)

Why Me? By Calvin Denson Cover Image

Why Me? (Paperback)


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Ms. Boswell's students are at recess and all the kids are having fun. That is, until E.J. wants to play tag with some of his classmates and pushes Emmanuel down to the ground after he's told he has to wait for the next game. Bullying is something that's not tolerated at Kujawa Elementary and is definitely not tolerated in Ms. Boswell's class.
Back in class, it's story time but before their teacher can pick out a book to read on the alphabet mat, Emmanuel finds the courage to tell the teacher how E.J.'s been picking on him in school. Knowing the affects that bullying can have on kids, Ms. Boswell goes to her bookshelf and pulls out, "Why Me?" to help explain to her class how bullying makes the person getting bullied feel. Hopefully, after the story is read, this will be the last day E.J. will bully anyone again.

Product Details ISBN: 9781950034642
ISBN-10: 195003464X
Publisher: Yorkshire Publishing
Publication Date: October 9th, 2019
Pages: 30
Language: English