The Devil's Tree (Hardcover)

The Devil's Tree By Susan McCauley Cover Image

The Devil's Tree (Hardcover)


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Kaitlyn didn't believe in ghosts--not until one killed her boyfriend and her best friend. Now she must stop the spirit haunting the Devil's Tree, or she could be next.

Seventeen-year-old Kaitlyn wants to escape her drunk mama and her trailer park home life to enjoy a Saturday night off work. Instead, her boyfriend, Hunter, convinces her to go with him and their best friends, Dylan and Keisha, to photograph a desolate tree with an evil past. A terrifying presence chases them from the tree, killing Hunter and Keisha. Left alive with Dylan, Kaitlyn must struggle with her unexpected romantic feelings for him, come to terms with her loss, and face being trapped in a dead-end town. Kaitlyn is desperate to put the past to rest, but when their friends' spirits begin haunting them, she and Dylan have no choice but to seek help from a Catholic priest and attempt to set the trapped spirits free.

Product Details ISBN: 9781951069025
ISBN-10: 1951069021
Publisher: Celtic Sea, LLC
Publication Date: October 15th, 2019
Pages: 152
Language: English