The Sweetest Neighbor (Paperback)

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The Sweetest Neighbor (Paperback)


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Once trust is it really lost forever?

Maeve Harrison has been in love with her neighbor for most of her life. When they were teenagers, however, he made a mistake that severed the growing bond between them. Eight years later, she's tried to move on. She's built a good career as an accountant, she keeps herself busy with their growing cafe business and she does her best not to dwell on the boy next door, who never truly left her heart.

Ethan Markle has never lacked for friends. With an easy going personality and a wide, boyish grin, he can usually pull a smile from even the hardest of hearts. All except for Maeve. She's never been able to forgive him for a mistake he made as a teen and despite the fact that she barely tolerates him, Ethan can't get the beautiful and aloof Maeve Harrison out of his head...or his heart.

When his business has a rough year, Ethan decides he's got the perfect excuse to spend some time with her. If she's working for him, they have to spend time together...right? She might pretend to be immune, but Ethan has seen what's on the inside and he's not about to lose this opportunity to break down the walls she built all those years ago.

"The Sweetest Neighbor" is a sweet and swoony romance that will delight anyone who enjoys true love stories. If you enjoy strong but kind heroines and flawed but loyal heroes, in a beachy setting, then this series is for you

Product Details ISBN: 9781956176247
ISBN-10: 1956176241
Publisher: Angel Music
Publication Date: June 24th, 2022
Pages: 256
Language: English