Social Disorganisation, Offending, Fear and Victimisation: Findings from Belgian Studies on the Urban Context of Crime (The green grass / Het groene gras) (Paperback)

Social Disorganisation, Offending, Fear and Victimisation: Findings from Belgian Studies on the Urban Context of Crime (The green grass / Het groene gras) Cover Image
By Lieven Pauwels (Editor), Wim Hardyns (Editor), Maarten Van de Velde (Editor)
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This reader summarises ecological and contextual studies of offending, victimisation and fear of crime that were conducted in Belgium between 2000 and 2009. The book has been written from a 'social disorganisation perspective' and combines ecological and multilevel studies of offending, fear and victimisation. It evaluates the problems and prospects of such a contextual approach that takes into account area characteristics (such as urbanisation, residential stability and disorder). The results clearly demonstrate that some classic findings from studies conducted in Anglo-Saxon context also apply to the urban settings of Belgium. The authors also propose some directions for future inquiries. Social disorganisation, offending, fear and victimisation has been compiled by Professor Lieven Pauwels (Ghent University), who wrote his PhD on the status of the social disorganisation perspective on adolescent offending, for which he was awarded the Willem Nagel Award 2009, a Dutch award for the best PhD written by a Dutch-speaking scholar in the fi eld of criminology between 2006-2009. Co-writers are Wim Hardyns (Ghent University), who is writing his PhD on the contextual effects of collective effi cacy on individual differences in victimisation and fear of crime, and Maarten Van de Velde (Ghent University), who will start his PhD on trust in justice. Table of Contents: Foreword; List of figures; List of tables; List of appendices; 1 The study of crime and insecurity in ecological settings: some; persisting problems and recent developments; Lieven Pauwels, Wim Hardyns & Maarten Van de Velde; 2 Shaw and McKay's classic disorganisation perspective revisited Lieven Pauwels; 3 Theoretical perspectives on community social cohesion and crime Wim Hardyns & Lieven Pauwels; 4 Adolescent involvement in offending: descriptive findings from the Antwerp Youth Survey Lieven Pauwels & Maarten Van de Velde; 5 Crime, victimisation and urbanisation in Belgium: a descriptive analysis of frequently occurring crime Wim Hardyns; 6 Disentangling neighbourhood and school contextual variation in serious offending: assessing the effect of ecological disadvantage Lieven Pauwels; 7 The impact of neighbourhood disorder on the relationship between lifestyle risk and adolescent short-term offending Lieven Pauwels; 8 Urbanisation, disorder, victimisation and fear of crime: an aggregate level analysis of 346 Belgian municipalities Wim Hardyns; 9 Does it really have to be 'an urban village'? Lieven Pauwels and Wim Hardyns; 10 An analytical perspective on the study of crime at multiple levels Lieven Pauwels, Paul Ponsaers & Robert Svensson; 11 Introducing key-informant analysis in area studies of crime Wim Hardyns & Lieven Pauwels; 12 Violent youth group involvement in context: the case of Antwerp Lieven Pauwels; Towards a global integration and discussion of findings on the social ecology of crime Lieven Pauwels, Wim Hardyns & Maarten Van de Velde; References; Appendices; Authors.

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