The Good Poet (Paperback)

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The Good Poet (Paperback)


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To jump off the cliff or sit on the ledge - that's the question you need to answer.

If you've ever found yourself on the ledge, then you need this book ​ In her book, The Good Poet, author, and poet K.D. Gates boldly confronts the painful residue of rejection, love, abuse, molestation, and self-doubt through the power of quotes, poetry, and healing notes. More than 200 invigorating quotes - "bits and pieces of life to feed, fortify, fulfill, and heal the soul" cover the pages of this healing masterpiece while bestowing encouragement, restoration, confidence, and solitude to anyone brave enough to read it.​

In addition to its giftable size, The Good Poet, deemed irresistibly invigorating, combines natural and spiritual sentiments to help readers: ​

  • Find the courage to leave the ledge​
  • Discover the tact to forgive​
  • Embrace the strength to heal​
  • Unlock the innumerable gifts of faith​

The Good Poet - an expression of life's authenticity - a clear path toward healing.

Product Details ISBN: 9798985243352
Publisher: Keiijuana Gates
Publication Date: August 16th, 2022
Pages: 228
Language: English