Star of Sagittarius (Paperback)

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Star of Sagittarius (Paperback)


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Jael is a determined science nerd living in a small town in Texas. She has been working toward a government grant for her Electromagnetic (EM) Drive for years. After multiple attempts blew up in her face, she achieved the results she had been looking for. While testing her EM Drive, a storm brewed outside, and the lab she was working in was struck by a bolt of lightning.

A stream of light engulfs her, and when she can see again, she is no longer in the lab. She is in the middle of a forest withtall jade trees and plants that she's never seen before. Fear sets in when Jael realizes that she's no longer on earth.

He lives in a treehouse in the midst of the woods of death. He was banished here, sent to live in solitude. Everything changes when he catches the scent of something new on the breeze in the woods, something sweet.

Star of Sagittarius is a dark, science-fiction romance with open door spice, action and adventure, and a touch of horror. This book ends in a cliffhanger, but things are not always what they seem.*

The Reticere Series follows Jael and Oz as they embark on an exciting journey that leads to the stars.

Please check Author website for trigger and content warnings.

Due to disturbing themes and adult content, the Reticere Series and Star of Sagittarius are only recommended for readers over 18 years of age.

Product Details ISBN: 9798988167907
Publisher: Lauren Logan
Publication Date: May 1st, 2023
Pages: 414
Language: English