BSB: Book Signing with David Cleveland (Time's Betrayal)

Bank Square Books presents an open house book signing with author David Cleveland for his new book, Time's Betrayal. This event is free and open to the public.

About the Book

Time s Betrayal is an epic multigenerational family saga covering the years from the battle of Antietam to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Touching on elements in John le Carré's A Perfect Spy and John Knowles's A Separate Peace, the novel chronicles a son s search for a larger-than-life father, a CIA agent who disappeared in the early fifties, leaving behind a distraught wife and lovers, not to mention a Pandora's box of devastating secrets and unanswered questions that baffled all who investigated his fate--a fate as beguiling as it is mysterious. This is also a story about the crumbling edifice of the eastern Establishment after World War II and in Vietnam-era America. A poignant coming-of-age tale, it is related though the eyes of Peter Alden, whose school days are shattered when he overhears a conversation about his father from two CIA colleagues: how John Alden, a world-famous archaeologist turned OSS and CIA officer, who vanished through Checkpoint Charlie, may have been a traitor. 

Opening in New England during the late 1960s and set amid the idyllic Berkshire summer homes of the Alden and Williams clans, founders of the prestigious powerhouse school Winsted, incubator of famous statesmen and CIA operatives, Time s Betrayal takes the reader on a far-flung journey from the abolitionist Civil War era to Nazi-occupied Greece and to London during the Blitz, to the darkest days of the Cold War and Vietnam, to Prague during the Velvet Revolution, and timeless Venice. More than just an insider s chronicle of America s postwar ascendency and ensuing decline and the betrayals of love and principle that come in the wake of blind ambition--Time's Betrayal portrays the agonized compromises to America's founding ideals as glimpsed through the privileged lives of the country's best and brightest. 

Tapping into spy thriller territory, and the KGB penetration of American secrets by Kim Philby and the Cambridge Five, the narrative unfolds through a series of engrossing, if agonizing, love stories that cross the boundaries of generations in ways both profoundly unsettling and deeply moving. Although Time's Betrayal is a literate genre-bender and suspenseful page-turner full of twists and turns, the novel is really about how family history shapes who we are and how memory -- the river of Time-- guides our joint destinies, testing our most cherished hopes, shaping who we are and what we believe, and teaching us that the essential truths of our humanity--freedom, justice, love, and honor--must be reclaimed in every generation.

"Time's Betrayal is a vast, rich, endlessly absorbing novel engaging with the great and enduring theme of literary art, the quest for an identity. Moreover, it seamlessly expands that quest beyond the individual to the family, to the nation. Time's Betrayal achieves a rare state for massively ambitious novels: it is both complex and compelling. DavidAdams Cleveland has instantly taken a prominent place on my personal list of must-read authors."

 -- Robert Olen Butler, Pulitzer prize-winning author of A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain

"With this monumental work David Cleveland has achieved nothing less than the disinterment of the various skeletons of the American psyche from the Civil War to Vietnam and beyond, and the painting of a multi-generational portrait of a pedigreed American family whose own skeletons not only refuse to stay buried, but actively haunt its progeny. There will be those who, captivated by the author's brilliant insights into the inner workings of the CIA, KGB and M16, and by a canvas that stretches from New England to Prague and Greece to Southeast Asia, will describe Time's Betrayal as an international spy novel, which it is, if only in the sense that Moby-Dick is a yarn about a big fish and Huckleberry Finn a tale of a boy on a raft. But this is not Ludlum, folks, nor is it LeCarre. It is in a league of its own and a class by itself. Time's Betrayal is a large-hearted American epic that deserves the widest possible, most discriminating of readerships."

-- Bruce Olds, Pulitzer Prize-nominated author for Raising Holy Hell and The Moments Lost

"It is an oddity of history that the early CIA--a world of deceit and betrayal--was dominated by New England prep school grads whose chief cultural values, supposedly, were decency and fair play.  In Time's Betrayal, David Clevelandtakes us into this world in his sweeping, ambitious novel. With drama and flair, he follows the true, if crooked path, of the human heart. It makes for a compelling and provocative read."

-- Evan Thomas, Author of The Very Best Men: the Early Years of the CIA 

Event date: 
Sunday, August 20, 2017 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm
Event address: 
53 W Main St
Mystic, CT 06355