BSB: James Rourke (Stone Souls) Author Talk and Q&A

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Bank Square Books presents an author talk and Q&A with James Rourke for the new book, Stone Souls.

Books will be available for purchase during the event. Bring your bookmark from the event and receive 10% off at The Mariner Restaurant in downtown Mystic!

Stone Souls Book CoverAbout the Book

Become a citizen of the Common States of America! Poverty and crime have been eradicated. Medical advancements render cancer no deadlier than the common cold. Teleport to your next destination. Art flourishes and intellectual accomplishments are celebrated the way lesser nations celebrate athletic contests. The only cost is your soul. Would you turn your soul to stone for utopia?

About the Author

James Rourke has been a high school teacher of history, psychology, and philosophy for twenty-five years. His commitment to the idea that these three disciplines can assist his students to connect not only with his material, but to the unifying aspects of humanity, also guides his writing. "The Comic Book Curriculum" is praised for revealing "how major superheroes and their stories raise some of the deepest and most important ethical and psychological questions we all need to ask and answer." This aspect of storytelling, the quest to tell stories that entertan, challenge, and uplift the reader, inspires James in his fiction as well.

Friday, June 3, 2022 - 3:30pm
Bank Square Books
53 West Main Street
Mystic, CT 06355