An Evening Reception for Richard and Kate Russo

photo credit Nathan Eldridge
Richard Russo, author of That Old Cape Magic and Pulitzer Prize-winning novel Empire Falls, comes to Bank Square Books to celebrate Intervention, a collaborative project with his daughter Kate Russo, reknowned artist.  We are very pleased to have both Richard and Kate at this event as part of their very limited book tour.
appetizers, wine, and sparkling water will be served
For it, they chose three previously published stories, "Horseman" , "High and Dry", and The Whore’s Child. The title novella, Intervention, is a neverbefore-published story of one
man's struggle to face his own mortality and the unspoken truth he never realized he knew. All four positively crackle with Russo’s piercing and understated insight into the lives of ordinary people. “[they] have some element in which an outside force profoundly intervenes in someone’s life.” Richard noted in an interview with PW's Judith Rosen, "That’s what Kate does as an artist.” Kate added, “we wanted a book about the
obsessions people have and what drives them to that point.”

But what makes the book truly special is the unusual format–each story is an individually soft-bound volume with a cover illustration by Kate. Framable prints of her paintings accompany each book and all are collected into a slipcase. Conceived by Kate's husband, designer Tom Butler, the format is an integral part of Interventions. The Russos' intention is for the reader to experience the work in the tangible, tactile way only a printed book can provide. They chose long-established Maine publisher, Down East, for the project. “We wanted it to be sustainable, and printed in the U.S. Sort of in the theme
of High and Dry. Don’t outsource what you don’t need to,” Richard told Rosen. In fact, the book contract clearly states that it can never be reproduced as an e-book.
Event date: 
Wednesday, June 6, 2012 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Event address: 
53 W Main St
06355 Mystic