BSB: Joan Kwon Glass, Emily Hockaday, and Arden Levine: An Evening of Poetry

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Bank Square Books presents an evening of poetry with Joan Kwon Glass (If Rust Can Grow On The Moon; Night Swim), Emily Hockaday (Naming the Ghost), and Arden Levine (Ladies' Abecedary).

if rust can grow on the moonAbout If Rust Can Grow On The Moon

If Rust Can Grow on the Moon is Joan Kwon Glass’ brave recounting of addiction and recovery through direct language and vivid vignettes. This honest book suggests that addiction is a potential risk for nearly anyone, yet it also offers hope in recovery. After her first two books focused on family trauma, this recounting of her own struggles tells a compelling tale.


night swim book coverAbout Night Swim

In this testimony of mourning and memory, the author weaves a suicide survivorship narrative told through the five stages of grief. This narrative includes the author’s memories of the weeks leading up to the deaths, her regrets, scenes from the funerals, erasures from police reports, and the excruciating forging ahead with daily life in spite of deep sorrow, maddening questions, and all that remains unresolved. It gives survivors permission to find their way through on their own terms: to hold a grudge against the dead while also wishing desperately for them to still be alive, to consider taking every door in your house off its hinges just to make more room for ghosts, to measure time by the ages the dead would have been if they were still here. Night Swim suggests that in order to live bravely again in a world without one’s beloved, the survivor may eschew the expectations of “appropriate” grief and tell the truth as it exists for them. What should we hold onto and what should we let go of? Although Night Swim shares a story of extraordinary loss, it is also a testament to how even against the harshest currents, in the darkest waters, we can swim up and through, where light and the shore will be waiting.

About Joan Kwon Glass

Joan Kwon Glass is the Korean American author of Night Swim (Diode Editions, 2022). She is also the author of three chapbooks and serves as Editor-in-Chief for Harbor Review and poetry editor for West Trestle Review. Joan is a proud Smith College graduate and has been a public school educator for 20 years. Her poems have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Sundress Publications Best of the Net Anthology. She lives in Connecticut with her family.

naming the ghost book coverAbout Naming the Ghost

"In Emily Hockaday’s stirring debut, Naming the Ghost, beauty and terror are never far apart. They appear like strangely familiar eyes gleaming through a child-proof window. ‘A temptation is not always/a desire. Right? Sometimes it is the darkest fear.’ Otherworldly, yet grounded in the dailyness of young motherhood—in baby wipes and brownie mix and queen-sized marital beds—the poems in this collection haunt and delight. They awaken the senses. They remind me that we are never, for better or worse, alone.”
—Jared Harél, author of Go Because I Love You

About Emily Hockaday

Emily Hockaday is the author of Naming the Ghost (Cornerstone Press, available September 2022); her second full-length collection, In a Body (Harbor Editions), is forthcoming in 2023. She has also published five chapbooks of poetry, most recently Beach Vocabulary (Red Bird Chaps, 2022). She was a 2022 poetry resident at Bethany Arts Community and the recipient of New York City Artist Corps and Cafe Royal Cultural Foundation grants. Originally from Connecticut, Emily lives in Queens, NY.
Twitter: @E_Hockaday

Ladies' Abecedary book coverAbout Ladies' Abecedary

An abecedary, or alphabet book, teaches letters, the primary pieces of language and of story-making. In Ladies’ Abecedary, each letter is a woman, each woman is a poem, and each poem is a narrative of female identity. These micro-biographies-in-verse present a series of anonymous characters (historical and mythological, contemporary and composite, unique and universal) in a collection that reveals "the diverse and complex nature of women’s interior and external lives.” Letter by letter, Ladies’ Abecedary “exemplifies the importance of the project to reclaim voice, agency, and equality for women,” and raises a remark about how a woman’s story is told.

About Arden Levine

Arden Levine’s debut collection, Ladies’ Abecedary (Harbor Editions, 2021) was included in Community of Literary Magazines and Presses’ 2022 Reading List for Women’s History Month. Her writing has been featured in American Life in Poetry, Harvard Review, The Missouri Review’s Poem-of-the-Week, WNYC’s Radiolab, and Poetry Society of America’s Song Cycle series. Arden is a Connecticut College alumna and an NYC municipal employee; her daily work focuses on housing affordability, homelessness prevention, and equitable community development.

Friday, September 30, 2022 - 6:00pm
Bank Square Books
53 W Main St
Mystic, CT 06355