Martha Ritter (The Nearly Calamitous Taming of PZ) Book Signing

This book is a finalist for the Massachusetts Children's Book Award.

A mute, nameless foxhound has spent her life in a laboratory cage. She has never seen the sun. When she gets rescued, Dottie, a diva ladybug with a heart as big as her hat, helps the dog understand the world and find a home with Olivia, a restless, solitary girl seeking comfort that her new pet cannot supply.

The isolated dog and the hesitant girl must face their fear of connecting. They learn to tame each other, let go, survive adventures, and find the courage to trust as they search for their place in the sun.

The Nearly Calamitous Taming of PZ-- lyrical and approachable, with resonant details--has both humor and heart. Although intended for children eight through twelve, its classic unfolding and off-beat characters tickle the fancy of adults as well. It is both an adventure story and a tale with many layers--about overcoming obstacles, mining experience for what matters, and doing what is necessary, though not always desirable, for friendship. Ultimately, it is about the joy of a hard-won connection.

The classic illustrations--with a contemporary edge--reflect this fresh, poignant, wise, and sometimes downright wacky book.

Event date: 
Sunday, December 13, 2015 - 11:30am to 1:30pm
Event address: 
53 W Main St
Mystic, CT 06355