BSB: Dr. Michael Fine (The Jewish Prince of Denmark) Author Talk & Signing

Bank Square Books presents an author talk and signing with Michael Fine for the book The Jewish Prince of Denmark.

About the Book

Jewish Stories.  Jew-ish Stories.  Stories about Jews and non-Jews, living together in a confusing world and trying to find a way to continue to do so, in a world that keeps changing, collapsing in on itself, the ground changing under everyone’s feet.  Stories about small choices, small acts, small ideas, simple decencies, the way people and a people take care of one another, people who live in the shadow of the valley of death but persevere.

But be careful: if you think you see the shadow of something bigger in these little stories or hear something more resounding in the echo of what sounds at first like only a still small voice….that is likely to be only your imagination, only a mirage. Perhaps.

About the Author

Michael Fine, MD is an award-winning author, community organizer, public health expert/leader, and family physician. Dr. Fine is the author of On Medicine As Colonialism (PM Press, 2023), which explores the way medicine and health care have been used by health care profiteers to co-opt the state’s regulatory power, Medicare, and Medicaid and extract resources from communities and upend democracy in the U.S.; Health Care Revolt, an expose, manifesto and playbook that exposes the failures of the healthcare market to deliver health and plans a movement to build the healthcare system the US needs (PM Press, 2018); Abundance, a novel about two young Americans caught up in the Liberian civil wars of 1998-2003 (PM Press, April 2019);  The Bull and Other Stories (Stillwater River Press, 2020) ; and Rhode Island Stories (Stillwater River Press, 2021).  He is the coauthor, with James W. Peters, of The Nature of Health (Radcliffe, 2007), a study of healthcare services, human rights, society, technology, and industry; and The Zero Calorie Diet (Red House Press, 2010), a look at the culture of excess through the lens of fasting.  The Bull and Other Stories was the 2021 IPNE Literary Fiction Book of the Year.

Dr. Fine serves as Chief Health Strategist for the City of Central Falls Rhode Island.  Dr. Fine served in the Cabinet of Governor Lincoln Chafee as Director of the Rhode Island Department of Health 2011-2015, overseeing a broad range of public health programs and services, 450 public health professionals and managing a budget of $110 million a year. Fine’s short stories have been published monthly on since 2018 and reach an audience of 15,000-20,000 people every month.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Bank Square Books
53 West Main Street
Mystic, CT 06355