SAVOY: Local Author Spotlight Featuring Brittany Taylor, Sally Ann Sims, Dana Vacca, Leigh Brown, and Victoria Corliss

Savoy Bookshop & Café and presents the next in our Local Author Spotlight series, featuring fiction writers Brittany Taylor (Without Me), Sally Ann Sims (Yellow Sky, Emerald Sea), Dana Vacca (Freedom Calling), Leigh Brown and Victoria Corliss (The Pendulum's Truth). This event is free and open to the public, and books will be available for purchase.

About the Books

Brittany Taylor, Without Me 

Without You was Em's story. This is Cam's. 

Cameron McKinney has spent most of his adult life taking care of his mother and trying to keep her addiction under control. Endless days and nights of worrying make Cam's life unpredictable and mundane. But when he decides to spend a night out with friends rather than go straight home to his mom, his worst fears become reality. After nearly losing his mom to her addiction, Cam's guilt begins to consume him. Deciding to leave everything and everyone behind in Dallas, he packs everything he owns into his car and moves two hours away. 
Two months after leaving his mother behind, Cam has begun to piece his life back together. Finally having taken his life into his own hands, he is swayed into a night out once again. But who he meets makes him question every decision he's ever made for himself. 
Emiline Ward is unlike any woman Cam has ever met. Somehow with one look from her deep brown eyes, Cam's world is shattered. Unable to keep his distance, he fights his feelings for a seemingly unavailable woman under impossible circumstances.Cam must decide whether Em would live a better, more fulfilling life without him or risk breaking promises to the one woman who reminds him that forgiveness and love make life worth living. 
Without Me is the companion novel to Without You. It can be read as a standalone. 

Sally Ann Sims, Yellow Sky, Emerald Sea

In the afternoon of September 21, 1938, a deadly hurricane bludgeons New England’s south coast with no warning. On a sandy point straddling Rhode Island and Connecticut, all the summer houses—with their owners clinging to roofs—blow into the bay. The next day, an aspiring reporter picks up a pen to interview his surviving neighbors. Will their memories survive? Readers whose tastes run to Alexander McCall Smith, Rita Mae Brown, and Anne Tyler will enjoy this feel-good contemporary story honoring the survivors of the Hurricane of 1938 in Rhode Island. In this literary, yet fast-paced tale laced with intrigue, corruption, and romance, protagonist Vieve Clough Beale, portrait artist, recovering alcoholic, and widow with storm wreckage of a different sort, arrives on the Weekapaug Coast in the run-up to the eightieth anniversary of the hurricane to visit her beloved Uncle Carl, retired jewelry magnate. When he doesn’t show for dinner, Vieve—accompanied by her feisty terrier mix, Jack West—stay on to search for him. As the search drags on, Vieve accepts an invitation from charismatic acrylic artist Marley Kinnell to compete together in a mural competition for the hurricane’s eightieth anniversary commemoration. And then Vieve’s beloved terrier goes missing. What Vieve finds as she delves into preparations for the commemoration and the increasingly threatening activities at an abandoned coastal fort tests her loyalties and upends her future just as the town faces its own memories of hell and grace.The contemporary story, threaded with powerful hurricane-day vignettes of death and survival, is a resonant tale of love, ambition, loss, and the rich legacy of time and memory.

Dana Vacca, Freedom Calling

Not just another Civil War novel! This inspiring story will make you re-think your own definition of freedom, morality and humanity. A perilous sea voyage, a New Bedford whaling ship, Virginia's Dismal Swamp, and the war-ravaged South test the determination and willpower of these two escaped slaves. This is a book you won't want to put down! This page-turning drama is packed with action, emotion, romance and tumultuous adventure, and is vibrantly painted with powerful characters, vivid imagery and factual details of the Civil War era; and is an exploration into the meaning of freedom and love and the unbreakable bond between mother and daughter. In the midst of the Civil War, runaway slaves Daisy Green and her daughter, Celia, attempt a nearly infallible but risky plan to escape from their Southern plantation and stow away on a sailing ship headed north. The cruelties of slavery that have broken Daisy's body have only reinforced her steadfast will to get her daughter to freedom. They will do whatever they must to be free. Mother and daughter are soon separated, and everything changes. Help and danger come from unexpected places.  Although their strong bond endures, their hearts are torn by desperation, sorrow, and fear.  Faith in God's divine guidance, and in each other, gives them strength to persevere in their courageous struggle to find liberty and happiness. Emotional, fast-paced, exciting, and compelling, their journeys take them to heights of happiness and plunge them to depths of despair - and back again. Their incredible search for freedom becomes a fight for life and a test of love. FREEDOM CALLS to these unforgettable heroines, Daisy and Celia. Will they find freedom,… and each other?

Leigh Brown and Victoria Corliss, The Pendulum's Truth

Since she was a young girl, Ava Dell has been told that her intuitive sixth sense is a special gift she shares with her mother. It is a gift she never takes seriously until she is forced to make a fresh start after her mother’s death. Real estate agent Charlotte Boyer welcomes Ava to Wicks Falls, South Carolina with a mystical pendulum, and a warning to use it carefully. Ava’s curiosity is piqued. She begins using the pendulum, relying on her intuition to guide her. Soon, customers are flocking to her newly opened coffee shop, The Tea Cozy, for Ava’s scones and her pendulum’s guidance. But when tragedy suddenly strikes, Ava, worried that she’ll be blamed, flees to her family’s cottage at Sully Shores. There she is forced to face the fact that some truths you can’t outrun, and to decide once and for all if her gift is truly worth the price.


Event date: 
Tuesday, November 13, 2018 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Event address: 
Savoy Bookshop and Café
10 Canal St.
Westerly, RI 02891