Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I tell if a book is in stock?
  2. What does "Ships to Our Store in 2-8 Days" mean?
  3. How do I know when my order will be ready for pickup?
  4. I haven't received my book mail yet? What do I do?
  5. How do I create a gift registry?
  6. How do I purchase gifts from a wish list or registry?
  7. What is the Support Local Fee?
  8. What is the Open Agenda project?
  9. What is the Bookstore Community Fund?

 How do I tell if a book is in stock?

When you search for a book on our website, you will see a field labeled "Availability". This denotes whether the book is in stock at our store.   

Please note, our online inventory is not a live inventory. If you are in urgent need of a book, please call the store at 860-536-3795 to reserve your copy.

 What does "ships to our store in 2-8 days" mean?

When you order a book that is not on our shelves, we will order it from our wholesaler. Wholesale orders are placed multiple times a week, and on average, these orders take 2 to 8 days to ship to our stores. This means there may be a few days between when you order the book on our website and when we place our next wholesale order. If the book you have ordered is not in stock at the time we are processing your order, we will let you know in the order comments that we have had to place a wholesaler order to get your book. 

 I selected "in-store pickup", when will my order be ready?

Our booksellers will update you a few times while processing your order via email or phone call depending on the current stock of the books you ordered. The first notification you receive will be confirmation that your order has been received, if any of your books need to be ordered from the wholesaler, or if any of the books you ordered are back-ordered or unavailable. The second notification you will receive is when the order is complete and ready for pick up. If there are multiple books on your order, you will receive the notification once all of your books are ready. If all books are on our shelves at the time we process your order, you will bypass the payment received notification and instead receive a notification that your order is ready for pick up. 

 I haven't received my books in the mail yet. What do I do?

Each order that we send out via USPS comes with a tracking number which will be sent directly to your email. Once your package goes out with your selected delivery service, we have no control over what happens to the package. USPS media mail takes on average 2 to 10 days and USPS Priority mail takes on average 1 to 3 days..

 How do I create a gift registry?

Log into your account or create a free account.

On the login page, click the “Wish List” tab

Name your wish list (e.g. Charlotte's Baby Shower)

Fill out your name, the event date, and other personal information

Click “Don’t require shipping” if you want to pick up the gifts from the store. Leave the box unchecked if you want the items to be shipped to you or to the purchaser.

Add items to your wish list. Search for a specific title, or browse children's nonfiction or fiction books. When you get to the item you want, click “Add to Wish List” and it will be added to your registry.

When adding books, please note if we have them in stock already. If we don’t have an item in stock, it might take longer to arrive

Alternatively, you can shop for your wish list in person at our stores, and we can add them to the list for you ourselves.

When you’ve finished your registry, go to the Wish List page again and click “Email Your Wishlist.” Send an email to yourself and copy the link at the bottom of the email. Give that link to your friends and family, and they can purchase books for you!

 How do I purchase gifts from a wish list or registry?

If you have the link to the desired wish list, navigate to that page. To search for a wish list by name or email, use the box in the right sidebar of the website.

On the wish list, you can browse a list of books that are available for purchase. 

If the book is not available for purchase, it will say "Fulfilled" instead of "Add to Cart." 

Select the title you want to purchase, and click Add to Cart. When you are finished making your selections, click Checkout

Enter your email address, or log in if you already have an account.

Leave the "This is a tax exempt order" button unchecked, unless you are purchasing from a nonprofit account.

If the option is offered, select your pickup or shipping information. (Some wish lists, including those for libraries or other organizations, will have chosen default delivery information, so you will not see this step.)

Enter your billing and contact information.

In the Order Comments field, write the person's name you'd like to dedicate your book to. For example: "In Memory of Emily the Library Cat".

Complete your order. We will call you with any other questions or to let you know when your order is ready. If the order is for a library, we will let you know when the library has received your book. 

?What is the Support Local Fee

Thank you so much for supporting our local independent business!  Our staff works extremely hard to provide the community with books.  Real humans are behind your customer orders and our Support Local Fee goes directly toward our staff to help offset additional costs of running a business such as minimum wage increases. 

 What is the Open Agenda project?

Open Agenda is Bank Square’s queer little free library if you will; it’s a special section of books that have been pre-purchased for anyone to take home, no questions asked! Open Agenda focuses on LGBTQIA+ titles, but queerness is intersectional, and so are the titles donated.

How it Works:
Available Titles have their barcode covered so they’re not accidentally purchased again, and live in a designated spot in the store. Simply stop by and take one, whenever you need.

How To Give:
Ask our booksellers for suggested titles to donate, or choose one yourself. Simply let your cashier know it’s for Open Agenda OR, if you're ordering online, write in the comment section that this is for Open Agenda and they’ll keep the book to process and place in the library. 

How To Get a Book:
Simply head to the decorated box and pick out a title! You don't have to explain to anyone or give a reason, though we're always happy to help you pick!

What If I’m Not Out?
We understand that not everyone wants to or can safely be out in their community or spaces. If you’re looking to take a book home discreetly, just ask one of our staff members and we’ll pick something out for you and bag it up - We can even specifically look to grab you a title that doesn’t look outwardly queer.

 What is the Bookstore Community Fund?

The Bookstore Community Fund is a “pay it forward” style program in which customers may either purchase a gift card to add to the fund or use a gift card to purchase a new book at Bank Square Books.

How To Give:
Fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Click "add to cart" and then proceed to checkout. You'll receive a notification when we've processed your order.
Thank you for considering a donation to the Bookstore Community Fund!

How To Get a Gift Card:
If you need financial help purchasing a book, take a gift card from the mural as you come into the store and bring it to the register once you're finished browsing.