Why Indies like Bank Square Books matter to our customers

Our clever front line booksellers put a box on the counter labeled "Why does BSB (with a heart) matter to you?  What are we important?

 Here are some favorite notes to us --  "BSB is the heart of downtown Mystic. Keep on beating!"

"Because you are the most important contribution to a vital and healthy community." 

"Nothing can replace a real book (not a kindle) and personal interaction with staff." 

"In such a difficult economy -with competition from all forms of technology and nation-wide bookstore chains-it's a miracle to me that Bank Square Books is surviving. That's obviously because its owners and staff remain enthusiastically committed to books, to personal service, and to community outreach. May they continue to flourish!"

 Keep them coming. We love hearing from you.





Thursday, October 18, 2012 - 4:00am